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Canada and the Second World War - The Italian Campaign. 1943-1945

Type: Document

In Canada’s first sustained land operation of the war, Canadian troops helped capture Sicily in a five-week campaign beginning 10 July 1943.

Site: Canadian War Museum

The Little Soldier: Matthew Halton Interviews an Expert Italian Sniper

Type: Sound

Matthew Halton reports his encounter with a young Italian soldier during the war.

Site: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Canada and the Second World War - The World Crisis. 1931-1939

Type: Document

The Nazis’ military aggression led directly to the Second World War. On 1 September 1939, Germany invaded Poland and, two days later, Britain and France declared war on Germany.

Site: Canadian War Museum

A Time of Warfare

Type: Document

The middle decades of the 19th century saw warfare on a large scale in Europe and North America.

Site: National Defence

Liberation of the Netherlands, 1944-1945 - Operations - Democracy at War

Type: DocumentImage

Canadian involvement in the battle of the Netherlands was appreciated both by allied governments and the Dutch people. The actions of Canadian troops during combat and afterwards, assisting the population, were preserved in the archives of the "Hamilton Spectator."

Site: Canadian War Museum