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Women and War

Type: Film and VideoImageDocument

Through the years, thousands of Canadian women have been faced with obstacles and challenging new experiences, whether on the home front or on the front lines. Learn about the changing roles of women and their different experiences.

Site: Veterans Affairs Canada

1812 Teachers’ Corner

Type: Document

The material you will find here has been produced by selected Government of Canada departments and non-governmental bodies in order to help young people learn about the War of 1812 and its importance to the Canada we know today.

Site: Canadian Heritage

Tales of Animals in War - Green Thumbs for Remembrance

Type: Document

This short reading gives a general history of war and sacrifice geared towards ages eight to eleven.

Site: Veterans Affairs Canada

Teachers' Resources

Type: Document

This resource contains a directory of links meant to assist educators in teaching children about Canada's involvement in the various wars in which it has participated. The links lead to a variety of topics focused on remembrance and are appropriate for children of varying ages.

Site: Veterans Affairs Canada