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Explorations of Martin Frobisher

Type: Interactive Resource

Follow the voyages of Martin Frobisher in 1576-1578 as he searches for gold and the Northwest Passage to Asia.

Site: National Defence

Voyages of Jacques Cartier

Type: Interactive ResourceDocument

A slide show presentation featuring the three voyages of Jacques Cartier. The first deals with navigational equipment and people on his crew. The second deals with artillery and the Natives he met. The last focuses on weapons and armour.

Site: National Defence

British Invasion Plan - Conquering New France

Type: Interactive Resource

Major General John Campbell, Commander-in-Chief of the British forces in North America, 1756-1757, was a talented strategist. This site outlines his impressive plan to invade New France.

Site: National Defence

Fort George National Historic Site of Canada: Parks Canada's 3-D Tours: Defence of Canada

Type: Interactive Resource

Parks Canada has provided a virtual doorway to explore Canada's national historic military sites. Online tours enable the user to travel to the sites of famous battles or view a famous building. Both virtual and text tours are available. Built over 200 years ago, Fort George has been the scene of many dramatic and important events in Canadian history. Here the user can go on a virtual tour of this colourful Canadian landmark and learn more about the buildings that make up the fort.

Site: Parks Canada